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Car Pooling

Wednesday, August 27th, 2008

Car pooling is a concept of sharing a car by one or more individuals to commute to their destinations. The mutual benefit shared by the driver and passenger(s) makes the practice worthwhile.

Traveling together to save costs becomes the agenda of car -sharing and the main reason of its increasing popularity.
In car pooling, the car poolers jointly use the vehicle for commuting purpose and in return, pay the car-owner. In this manner, the car sharing forms a simple way for individuals to save money and conserves energy. Along with the economical benefit, it relieves the individual from driving stress.
Car Pooling is advantageous for one and all. Replacing private automobiles with shared ones directly reduces demand for parking spaces. The fact that only a certain number of cars can be in use at any one time may reduce traffic congestion at peak times. From the global perspective, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions and consumption of oil.
Nowadays, car-pooling is not restricted to office timings. People can avail this facility at any time and for any time. Car sharing is also available for an hour as well as for the day.  Successful car sharing development tends to be associated mainly with densely populated areas such as city centers. Recently, it has gained popularity among the students of university and other campuses.
Book your car today and enjoy the benefits of car pooling!